software testing training in kerala

A Vision into latest trends in IT

kerala software testing training

A Vision into latest trends in IT

training for software testing in cochin

A Vision into latest trends in IT

Software Testing training in Cochin

Courses for Qai

We are the only authoirsed Centre of QAI Global Institute in Kerala to offer Software Certifications. QAI Global Institute administers ISCB's software certification programs that are adopted by leading organizations. QAI Global Institute conducts instructor led trainings (ILT), career programs, exam preparatory training and certification for both individuals and organizations. QAI has trained over 140,000 individuals and certified over 40,000 professionals in over 15 countries.

Today, the Institute caters to a wide variety of industries and provides access to a wealth of concepts and skill building reinforced through consulting, training, assessments, benchmarking, certification, conferences, and eLearning. The institute supports the IT practitioner by facilitating corporate and individual membership programs. QAI's focus on people, process, and technology helps organizations to achieve impressive results. It is this unique blend of services that makes QAI the service provider for knowledge-intensive organizations.

Software Testing Certifications

Certification is one of the ways by which aspirants can showcase their skill set in a competent manner. It also helps organizations to build a quality culture and improve credibility with the clients. Certification demonstrates a level of understanding in carrying out quality assurance principles and practices.

ISCB, the certification wing of QAI, covers five major domains and provides ten Professional Certifications. Since its inception in 1980, International Software Certifications Board (ISCB) has certified more than 40,000 IT professionals worldwide. The first Certification began development in 1985 and the first formal examination process was launched in 1990. The certifications supported by the International Software Certification Board (ISCB) are as follows:

  • Certified Associate in Software Testing (CAST)
  • Certified Associate in Software Quality (CASQ)
  • Certified Software Quality Analyst (CSQA)
  • Certified Manager of Software Quality (CMSQ)
  • Certified Software Tester (CSTE)
  • Certified Manager of Software Testing (CMST)
  • Certified Software Project Manager (CSPM)
  • Certified Associate Business Analyst (CABA)
  • Certified Software Business Analyst (CSBA)
  • Certified Software Process Engineer (CSPE)
  • Certified Quantitative Software Process Engineer (CQSPE)